• The Power Locker Vending Machine Story of Success
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the Power Locker™ Story

It all started with a simple idea to help everyone feel better and snack healthier.

Our Story

Potential. We understand that magic mix of promise and drive. It lives in all of us. Fueling our success and challenging us to go a little bit harder. Work a little bit better. Be a little bit healthier and stronger every day.

That’s why we founded Power Locker™ to help you power through your day a little bit harder. Our innovative, smart snacking system is designed to fuel the athlete in all of us. Our certified and hand selected menu options provide clean, organic, and all-natural food and beverage choices within reach when you’re on the go.

We started small – a group of friends and former athletes passionate about the desire to live a fitness driven, healthy lifestyle while also being in charge of our own schedules. We shared common challenges: eating well consistently when life moves at warp-speed while also balancing our careers and our families.

We set out to develop solutions to two problems.

  1. Make it easy for busy, active people to make better food choices.
  2. Expand our movement by helping like-minded entrepreneurs start their own successful business. A business that offers flexibility, profitability, and supports the goal of eating well.

Whether you are considering launching your own Power Locker™ business or becoming a host location for a Power Locker™ machine our team will be there every step of the way. On behalf of our entire Power Locker™ team we look forward to working with you!

The Founders

John Swon

Spartan Race and Nutrition

John Swon: Having worked alongside professional strength and conditioning coaches for many years in the NBA prior to launching Power Locker™, John learned first hand the importance of powerful eating.  It’s with this knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit that encouraged him to recruit Dan and Pete to launch Power Locker™. John’s athletic passions take him to the ice. A stand out high school and collegiate hockey player, Swonny now enjoys coaching and watching his kids compete. John resides in the Garden State with his wife and 4 children and occasionally has time to run obstacle races and attend games at Yankee Stadium.

Dan Reiss

Healthy Snacking After Bike Riding

Dan Reiss: Dan is the brains of the crew. Dan received his MBA from Quinnipiac University in Hamden CT and has been crunching numbers ever since. Dan is responsible for many of the technical and equipment related elements at Power Locker. When away from the office Dan can be found training for his next triathlon or mountain biking with his buddies. Dan lives in Hillsborough Nj with his wife Maureen and two kiddos Connor and Evan.

Peter Shebey

Marathon Running and Nutrition

Peter Shebey: With an advanced degree in Exercise Physiology, Pete has always had a passion for training and the science behind athletic performance. Pete is a certified strength and conditioning coach and uses his knowledge of clean eating to support his clients diverse fitness goals. When he’s not sampling a new Power Pantry™ snack product Peter enjoys exercising outdoors, coaching young athletes and spending time with his wife Lillian and his beautiful little daughter Mila.