Spring into Wellness: How to Start and Stick with An Exercise Routine

Spring is on its way and with it a break from the frigid temps that often encourage more hibernation and less time being active. So, if you’re ready to get back into a regular exercise routine, there are lots of reasons to inspire you to start right now – including improved sleep, better mood, and more energy. 

But chances are, you already know you should schedule a sweat sesh and just have a hard time starting or sticking with an exercise routine. 

Today, we’re giving you some ways to make it less of a chore and more of a score. 

Do What You Love 

It seems obvious but picking an activity you actually enjoy is one of the easiest ways to ensure you keep on keeping on with your workout. Exercise should be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be something you dread. Don’t commit to an activity if you’re less than enthused about it just because it’s trendy. Choose something that you like. If it’s the outdoors, lace up and go for a jog in a scenic area. Learn to play tennis or find some local hiking trails to keep you motivated. 

Like more structure and guidance? Find a local gym and take advantage of the on-staff trainers or the instructor-led classes. 

Put it on Your Radar 

Schedule your workout in advance, so you are mentally prepared to take it on. Having a plan in place makes it way easier to commit, rather than thinking about how to fit it in when your day is already in full swing. Scheduling a week’s worth of workouts is a simple way to make an exercise routine a regular part of your day. 

Have a Plan B 

Speaking of scheduling, we all know that even the best of plans go awry at times. That’s when your awesome commitment to yourself and your exercise routine can really shine – in the form of a plan b. If you were going to head out for that scenic run, but it’s raining, don’t get derailed.  Research two or three indoor classes in advance that you can switch to in a pinch. If you got snagged at work and missed the class you were going to catch, head outdoors instead. Getting yourself in workout mode is half the battle, and with a backup plan, you can switch gears with no sweat. Plus, changing up your regular routine keeps it more interesting. 

Set Mini-Goals 

Visualizing yourself hitting the sand this summer at your goal weight or with six-pack abs is a lot easier than actually getting there. Reaching any long-term goal is a marathon, not a sprint, so rather than focusing on the finish line, break it down into more manageable mini parts. If your goal is to run a half-marathon, completing your first 5K will get you a step closer. Setting small, attainable goals and celebrating your achievements along the way are great ways to stay motivated. 

Enlist Help 

One of the best ways to start or stick with an exercise routine is to reach out for help. The more resources you have at your disposal, the better. There are more and more apps designed to help you get and stay moving, plus track your progress. Find one that could work for you. 

Another great motivator is to enlist a fitness friend or hire a personal trainer. Going to the gym is much easier when you know someone’s got your back, will hold you accountable, and help keep you on track. 

Whichever type of exercise routine you choose, it’s crucial to also set yourself up for success by giving your body the right fuel before, during, and after your workout. Power Locker vending systems are stocked with the right mix of protein and high-quality-carb-packed snacks and drinks to help you reach your peak workout potential. Ask your gym if they have one! 

And, learn more about how the Power Locker fitness movement is fueling the athlete in all of us. Check us out today.