Countdown to a New You: 10 Ways to Get More Exercise This Year

A new year is the perfect time to assess your goals, aspirations and priorities to get the most out of the life you want. Unfortunately, so many of the positive changes that people vow to make this time of year are abandoned in only a few short weeks especially  – the ones about exercise.

The CDC reports that we spend about 7.7 hours per day (55% of our time) being sedentary. The report goes on to confirm that the risks of not being active are very real – including the potential for developing major diseases and more. 

So, with the new year here, whether you’d like to run a marathon or just want to be more active overall, now’s the time to make a fresh new start with your fitness goals. 

Ready to ring in your resolution to get moving? 

Here are ten easy ways: 

1. Skip the coveted close parking spot. 

Have car, will travel. To work, to the store and more. Every stop we make on a daily basis is an opportunity to sneak in a little more movement simply by parking farther away. Make it a habit to forgo the front and center spot in favor of getting in some extra steps. 

2. Re-vamp your morning routine. 

Early risers get more than just the worm – a whole slew of benefits await when you resolve to get up and out in the morning, including increased calorie burn, better focus throughout the day, and improved mood. So set your alarm and make it happen. You’ll be glad you did. 

3. Break it down. 

No time for the recommended 30 minutes of exercise five days a week? Sneaking in three 10-minute bouts of increased activity daily can be just as effective and easier to stick to on a regular basis. Try a brisk walk after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Walking after every meal improves insulin sensitivity and the 10-minute timeframe makes it totally do-able. Do intervals for extra credit. 

4. Work it at work. 

Use the restroom at the opposite end of the building. Refill your water bottle at the farthest possible water cooler – the same goes for your cup of joe. Schedule meetings at rooms located on a different floor and take the stairs to get there. Remember, any activity is better than none at all. 

5. Take household chores up a notch. 

Vacuum with vigor and mop like you mean it. Wipe those counters like a warrior and shine the windows like a soldier. The point is, you have to do it anyway. Upping the intensity just makes it more like a workout. 

6. Curb couch time. 

No one’s saying to nix the tube. But moving around while watching TV is better than lounging around. If you own a treadmill, set it where you can see. Use commercial breaks to bust out some power moves like squats, jumping jacks or burpees. 

7. Volunteer in high gear. 

Donating your time to service is already a win-win – but it becomes even more so when you choose an active pursuit like tending the community garden, helping to clean up a local park or coaching your kid’s soccer game. 

8. Ditch the sitting date. 

Instead of seeing a movie with your main squeeze or catching up with your crew over a brew, opt for incorporating movement into your outing. Try indoor rock climbing or even just taking a quick stroll through the downtown to see what’s new. 

9. Trade four wheels for two. 

If your regular haunts are reasonably close, consider biking it. Attach a basket to haul groceries and save on gas getting to and from work. It’s great for the health of our planet and yours as well! 

10. Find a friend in fido. 

Getting a dog is a considerable commitment and takes careful consideration. If you have the time and budget, adopting a pooch is a great way to work some activity into your world. If you can’t take on a pet, perhaps offer to walk your neighbor’s instead. 

Crushing your fitness goals is easy when you focus on living an active lifestyle overall. And another way to help with that is smart snacking. Get in touch today to learn about how you can find healthy snacks on the go from a Power Locker near you.

Cheers to great health in the new year!